2019 Mission Trip: LOng range planning in the Nepal Ministry

Pastor Pat Harris will return to Nepal the last two weeks of March, 2019. While there, Pastor Pat will connect with his Nepali partner in ministry, Santosh Lamsal. The emphasis of this trip is leadership development and long-range planning for the Nepal ministry.

Over the past 15 years our Nepal ministry has supported local, indigenous Christians in an effort to reach their own people. Pastor Pat believes that the Nepali people are best equipped to reach their own people. Nepali pastors speak the language, know the culture, and understand the customs better than Americans. The Nepalis the approach to use and what motivates their people. 

Pastor Pat's goal has been to advise, train, and encourage godly Nepali leaders to build up the Church in Nepal as God leads each of them into various ministries all over Nepal. 

The effort to date has helped Nepalis to build nine local churches, two children’s homes, one school, and one training center. This has been done through the efforts of the indigenous workers and through the faithful support of team supporters in the States. Team members have been a constant source of encouragement, prayers, and funding. The Nepali Ministry Team feels privileged to be part of the great work taking place.

On this visit, Pastor Pat will spend  time in planning sessions with Santosh and the local team. He will be privileged to baptize some new believers (burr… in a river so faithfully replenished by water from the Himalayas) and to preach in our new church building just recently built by our Nepali folks with funds provided by the Team. He will also participate in an ordination service.


2019 Pastor Training Conference

For three days during the March trip Pastor Pat will help facilitate a conference in Bandipur along with Santosh, Amos (our other full-time pastor), and approximately 40 other church leaders from all over Nepal. We provide this conference (now an annual thing) free of charge to the participants. We pay for their transportation, food, lodging and materials. This is, once again, made possible because of the faithful support of the Team here at home.

While the percentage of Christians in Nepal is still only about 2-3%, the Church is growing steadily and undeterred by the anti-Christian attacks from the government. Please join with Pastor Pat and the Team as they pray for God to work mightily during this trip, provide safety in travels, and continued fruitful ministry as the many leaders at the conference go back to their own ministries, better equipped and more encouraged to fight the good fight of faith where God has sovereignly placed them. 

Pastor Santosh  is pictured (right) with a local pastor he works with.


A new believer is baptised in the water of an icy cold river

Bandiphur and other locations where the Nepal Ministry works are at elevation high in the mountains of Nepal. Quite naturally the mountain rivers streams are feed from higher elevations with very cold water. This however is not a deterrent to the new Nepali believers who take their first act of obedience symbolizing their faith and walk in the newness of life with Christ.