Opiege Ministries was founded under direction of Hope Here International Ministries to serve as the organization's Haiti ministry.

The original mission of Opiege Ministries was to help and eventually fund operations of the school located in Opiege. This included teacher salaries, books, desks, supplies, uniforms, lunches and so forth. This still remains the primary focus today.               

Although school operations is the priority, the mission has broadened to include partnering with other ministries, churches, and friends to address capital need such as buildings, major equipment, and property infrastructure improvements.

Apart from our work with the school Opiege Ministries also desires to help support the Assembly of the Elect of the Everlasting Kingdom Church which shares the same building. The church is in need of Bibles, literature, and an array of materials and equipment.

While the school and church are both worthy ministry opportunities one must consider what one missionary said about the village of Opiege as a whole. David Gunter described the area as a "wide open mission field". That said we agree and wish to take the Good News of the gospel to share with the beautiful people in Opiege. Opiege Ministries also makes periodic offerings to other ministries and causes in Haiti.