Our Opiege Ministry Mission Team visited the school March 25-31, 2018 and we can report much progress is being made. The ministry has been able to share God's love by providing:

April 1, 2017 - February 28, 2018

1. School uniforms issued for each child. (Sowing by Sewing Ministry, 

Haleburg, AL)

2. Textbooks were provided for all students in the school.

3. Installed 360 gallon capacity water collection system.

March 2018 including the Mission Trip

4. Delivered 11 boxes of school supplies requested by the teachers.

5. New desk units, each seating 3 students, were built.

6. Each child received a gift.

7. Presented each student with a Haitian Kreole Cross Talk tract, used to teach the gospel. 

8. Initial supplies of over-the-counter pharmacy products to be used for first aid.

9. Provided 4 duffel bags of clothing to children in need.

April 1, 2018 and beyond

10. Corners were staked out for the proposed building to serve as a school and church facility. Commencement of construction tentatively set for late fall  2018.

11. Expand the school lunch program.

12. Continue to provide support for the teachers.

13. Build more desk units and work tables for preschool children.

All the work completed and provided is due to God's blessing and provision. He has made it happen through friends such as you.



Of major emphasis on all trips to Opiege is sharing the gospel both with the kids, with the villagers, and with the congregation of the Assembly of the Elect of the Everlasting Kingdom.

On the March 2018 Trip team members shared the gospel with each class at the Opiege School. The team used the Cross Talk interactive tract. Through cross Talk each child heard the Plan of Salvation. The tract was written in Haitian Kreole. Not only do the kids hear the message they take the tract home where perhaps it may touch family and friends.

Emphasis was on the older kids who are of age to make a profession of faith. An invitation was given to the older kids. The younger kids received the presentation in hopes that a seed may be planted, nurtured by the local church, and eventually they will be ready to make a decision.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the team visited villagers and church members throughout the village. The gospel was shared with each person including praying for each person's expressed needs. Each family visited was presented a Bible.

Wednesday evening Pastor Ray Cobb preached a gospel message to a large gathering at the church. It was an evening of hearing the gospel, praise and worship through song, and thanksgiving for the successful visit to Opiege.

Bibles and gospel literature to be used in local evangelism were left with Opiege Pastor Ulysse Emmanuel.


Future Home: Opiege School and Church


It has long been the dream of the school and church that a new building be built on the property to replace the insufficient structure now being used. Opiege Ministries has embraced that dream alongside friends in Opiege.

The building will be an open structure which is basically a Pole Barn. It was modeled after a structure HHIM is familiar with in El Plan, Honduras.

Plans call for the building to be approached in phases as funding has been met. Phase One has a budget of $14,500 and includes vertical poles. HHIM has reached the Phase one funding amount and it is expected construction will begin in the last quarter of 2018.

Additional phases include:

Phase Two: Installation of trusses and the roof. The structure becomes usable after completion of Phase Two.

Phase Three: Installation of Solar Panels and gutters which will be part of a water collection system.

The structure is designed so that it can eventually be closed in if desired.


Student assembly and Haitian anthem


Each morning the students at Opiege School assemble prior to going to their classrooms. They line up in single file by class. They wear their blue and green uniforms. At assembly they quietly receive announcements and the days instructions. They are led by their teachers in prayer. Lastly and just prior to marching to class they sing the Haitian National Anthem as their flag is raised on a wooden pole.

Despite issues with self-serving leaders, foreign interventions, extreme poverty, and natural disasters, Haitians are extremely proud of their heritage.

Proud they should be. When Haiti gained its independence from France in 1804 it became the first and only successful slave rebellion, the first black republic, and the second nation in the Americas.

In hearing the children sing one can sense the pride in their voices.