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usaCrupYour tax-deductible gift to Hope Here International Ministries will be used to support projects, programs, and mission teams in one of the  mission fields we serve.

To participate through PayPal click the "Donate" button in the "Help Our Cause" section below.

When giving through PayPal prior to confirming the gift be sure to share your preference for the program, ministry area, or child you wish to sponsor in the "Write a Note" instruction box on PayPal.

Through PayPal you may make a one time gift or set up a recurring payment by checking the "Make this a Monthly Payment" box.

"Recurring Payment" and "Write a Note" options do not appear on some  smart phones and tablets. If this happens contact us or try on a PC.

Should you desire to give by mail you may send your check to:

Hope Here International Ministries

P.O. Box 249

Webb, Alabama 36376

Be sure to put your preference for your gift on the memo line of your check.

Listed below is a list of some of HHIM's Ongoing Projects and Programs. To participate in the Opiege Student Sponsorship Program please see the Child Sponsorship link under the Haiti menu tab. You may put your preference to an area of your choosing or to the General Fund.

For a copy of the sample receipt letter you will receive please scroll down this page.

NOTE: HHIM was founded by three laypersons and an IMB Missionary who direct and serve the ministry on a volunteer basis. The organization has no paid staff and utilizes 100% of donations and gifts on ministry supplies and programs for those served in the various ministry fields.el O e"

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Ongoing Projects and Programs


Project            Description                                                                              Donation Amount


OPG 1             Sponsor a child in the Opiege School                          $25 mo./ $300 y

OPG 2            Contribution to the 2018-19 Opiege 

                           Textbook Program                                                               Any amount

OPG 3            Contribution to the School/ Church 

                          Building Program                                                                  Any amount

OPG 4           Mission Trip team fee - Opiege, Haiti, 

                          3/30-4/5, 2019                                                                         $750

Dominican Republic

DR 1               Sponsor a child in the Pepe School in 

                         Santo Domingo                                                                       $175 year

DR 2              Send a pastor/ missionary to seminary in D.R.        $250 quarter

DR 3               Sponsor a new church start in the D.R.                      $5,000 year

DR 4              Provide Young Life missionary support for 

                          Jochy or Fernando                                                                 $200 month


GUA 1            Drill a well for a community in Guatemala              $6,000

GUA 2           Donate to Tabitha House Ministry,

                          Guatemala City                                                                     Any amount


NEP 1              Donate toward pastor training in Nepal                  Any amount

NEP 2             Mission trip to Nepal. Personal trip or sponsor    $3,000

NEP 3             Pastor Conference in Bandiphur, Feb 2019           Any amount


HON 1           Provide Children’s activity books for the Children’s

                          Bible Church in Rios de Bendicions                          $275 quarter

HON 2          Mission Trip team fee to Honduras, 

                         10/6-10/13, 2018                                                                    $850

HON 3          Donation toward ministry needs in Honduras     Any amount


GEN 1           Donate to HHIM General Funds                                Any amount           


Sample Receipt Letter