Hope Here International Ministries Haiti Mission Trip

(Saturday, March 28 through Saturday, April 4, 2020)  

Contact: John Gunter at jdgunter@graceba.net or 334-791-0842 

Gene Ziebach at eziebach3@aol.com  or 334-618-3624

Charles Hales at charleslhales@gmail.com or 334-726-5220


HHIM’s Opiege Ministries will make its 7th trip to Haiti. The ministry is actively involved with supporting the school in the village of Opiege, Cornillon Commune, Croix-de Bouquets Arrondissement, Quest Department. As well the ministry works to help the Church of the Everlasting Kingdom in the village.

Our agenda will likely include activities with the students at Opiege School, a Worship Service, Community Evangelism, Construction related activities, attention to the Medical Clinic, Student Sponsorship maintenance, and more.

Tentative Itinerary:

Saturday, 3/28 Travel Day and Opiege Prep. 

Sunday, 3/29     In Delmas. Opiege Prep.

Monday, 3/30     Opiege. Travel Day. Set up camp on arrival.

Tuesday, 3/31  Mission Activities in Opiege.

Wednesday, 4/1   Mission Activities in Opiege.

Thursday, 4/2     Opiege Travel Day. Return to Delmas.

Friday, 4/3  Activities in Delmas (TBA), Team Fellowship.

Saturday, 4/4    Travel Day. Head for home.

Team Composition: The team is open to pastors, lay persons, and anyone interested in International Missions. The trip will be open to both men and women. Tentative team size is limited to 10 team members. We can however add 5 more team members. 5 more justifies another vehicle.

Phone Service/ Wi-Fi:  Wi-Fi is available at our base in PAP. There is no Wi-Fi service in Opiege. Service in both locations available through American carrier plans such as Travel Pass.

Haitian Travel Requirements:

Your passport must be valid and have space to stamp entrance and exit. You must obtain a Tourist Visa

Green Card on arrival and it must be returned on departure. Cost is $10.00.


Our base in Port-au-Prince will be DSM’s House of Hope in Delmas. Accommodations include bunk beds, showers, and a dining facility.

Field Location:

Our Field Location in Opiege will be primitive. Instruction on how to prepare will be given as we move closer to or departure. Meal information will be passed on at a team meeting prior to our departure.

Fees for the Trip:

Team members will purchase their Plane Ticket and be responsible for their first checked bag and/or any airline fees.

Team Fee: $750. Payable to HHIM before departure.  The fee includes transportation, House of Hope Fees, Mission Trip Insurance, Opiege Food, ministry materials, as well as some tips for translators and House of Hope staff. Fee must be paid in full one week before departure. It is helpful however if paid sooner.

HHIM is a 501(c)3 organization. As such any deduction to HHIM is tax exempt. Should you be raising funds for your fee you can have donors make their checks to HHIM and we can send them a tax receipt. We will apply the donation to your trip fee.

Trip Insurance:

We will have Short-Term Mission Trip Insurance through Gallagher Charitable.


Typical conditions at Port-Au-Prince in March-April are an average max at 86 and average minimum at 68. Typically, there are 11 wet days on average in March-April. You can expect cooler temperatures in Opiege, Cornillon. Opiege, Cornillon is approximately 3,600 above sea level.

Dress: This will be discussed at our initial team meeting. Ladies typically wear skirts in the field and pants back at the school. It will be left up to the female team members to work together to exchange information on what is appropriate. 

Men probably want to wear long pants in the field though it was indicated shorts are appropriate within the confines of our PAP base of operations. Convertible pants are very good for our mission in Haiti.

Health Tips:

Immunizations for Tetanus and Hepatitis would be good. An updated tetanus shot is strongly suggested. HHIM will provide Doxycycline for protection against Malaria.

Plan to take precautions against mosquitos as they can carry a number of problems. Team members are encouraged to use at least three levels of mosquito prevention. This includes a spray/ lotion, patches, bracelets and/ or other. HHIM will provide each team members with the “Original Bug Patches.” 

Sunscreen is advised. Always remember to use sunscreen first and insect repellent over it.


Both French and French Kreole (90% of population) are spoken in Haiti. We will have translators. 

Team Registration:

HHIM requires each Team Member to submit a short application, medical form, and copy of his/ her passport before the trip. The House of Hope may have additional requirements. We will send applications in a separate email. 


Adequate transportation to transport team members, ministry supplies, and provisions in Haiti will be provided. Transportation around Delmas as well as airport pickup and return will be provided by Haitian Staff. Transportation to Opiege will be by leased Four Wheel Drive vehicles and driven by Haitian drivers.

Team members will purchase their own air fare.   

Plane Flight: (1 Personal Item, 1 Carry-On Item free. First checked bag free.)


The South Alabama Group will fly out of Tallahassee (In the event a different port of origin or airline is decided upon you will be notified before any team member buys a ticket)

March 30 AA 3325  TLH to MIA  5:00 am – 6:19 am


AA  949  MIA to PAP 10:35 am – 12:41 pm


April 6  AA 1181  PAP to MIA 9:44 am -12:00 pm


AA 3861  MIA to TLH 3:30 pm - 4:59 pm (All times local time) 


Individual airfare is estimated at $494 as of 1/27/20

Team members departing from other locations such as Atlanta are asked to coordinate their flights with the Miami flights to Haiti (AA949) and from Haiti (AA1181).

Transportation to and from our domestic airport will be announced later. On prior trips we carpooled to Tallahassee. Individual team members are free to determine their own method should they like.


Most meals will be at the House of Hope when in Delmas. 

You may want to bring snacks such as crackers, cookies, protein bars, energy bars, etc. In the field there are limited places where water and beverages can be purchased. Our hosts in Opiege will prepare food for the team. There are no stores in Opiege.

While in Haiti please avoid locally prepared foods, water, and so forth unless we are sure it is safe. Haitian Staff will be able to guide us on this.

Team Meetings/ Devotionals/ Quiet Time:

We will have daily devotion times each day in both Opiege and in Delmas. We like to give team members desiring to lead a devotional the opportunity to do so. If you would like to volunteer for a devotional, please let me know.

It is planned we will have at least one worship service while in Opiege. We will attend Pastor Savine’s Church in Delmas on Sunday.

We will have a share session on our last night in Haiti. At the conclusion we will share the Lord’s Supper together. 

Ministry Supplies:

HHIM attempts to hold Haiti team fees as low as possible as team members typically voluntarily contribute on ministry supplies or receive support from friends, their churches, and other groups. This has worked well on prior trips. HHIM will send a list of items that are needed in Haiti and in the activities we plan.    


Team members may be asked to carry a second checked bag as we will need to carry ministry supplies and items. We will have a team meeting a week or so from departure to get materials packed into available luggage space.

We will get instructions regarding bulky items or bags intended for use in Opiege forwarded to team members. We will limit bulky baggage in the Four-wheel Drive vehicles. Consequently, we will likely send any bulky items ahead of the trip by way of Missionary Flights International located in Ft. Pierce, FL. Information is pending.

For More Information:

Opiege Ministries Facebook Page

Haiti Mission Trip March 28 – April 4, 2020 Facebook Page.